Software Development

Your projects and tasks will depend on your experience, preferences and our current project situation. All our projects are related to embedded systems and most of them are in the location technology field.

Our main technologies are C, C++ and Python.

Usually exaforeans have only one project at a time. The project length and the size of the project team can vary.

Exafore Horizon development

Exafore Horizon is our indoor positioning system product. It is ultra-wideband (UWB) radio technology based real time system, with embedded components implemented in C and server side in Python. The system measures the distance between base stations and tags, and computes tag positions based on the distances. Inertial sensor data from each tag is used to enhance positioning performance and to reduce tag power consumption. We are constantly developing our system for new features and improving its accuracy and robustness.

Your tasks in this project can be defined by your skills and interests. You can choose whether you want to work on low-level software or on high-level software development. If you have strong expertise in embedded systems, we can offer you a lot of responsibility in our product development.

Customer projects

We have lots of different customer projects. Depending on the project the work may be done at Exafore offices or at customer site in Tampere area.

  • Bluetooth positioning
  • IoT
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Space technologies
  • Other high-tech embedded systems

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